Welcome to Armpit Studios

Thanks for coming over here. Browse through the software and see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy. Some of it’s free, some of it can be purchased on the various App Stores for very little money, and it’s 100% Apple!
There are also some Farming Simulator mods I’ve made in the Mods tab above. Check ’em out!
Apps Are Go icon

Apps Are GO!

Theme–happy dock that just loves to use global key equivalents to launch things.

Box of Fun icon

Box of Fun

A very cool looking comic book reader.

ButTunes icon


Just a tiny iTunes/Music menubar controller, because the world needs more of those.

Daily You icon


A little camera app that reminds you to take a photo of yourself every day, then can build them into a video.

Folder Crazy icon

Folder Crazy

This is the screensaver you’re looking for.

Folder Crazy Desktop icon

Folder Crazy Desktop

A better way of putting random images on your Desktop.

Image Chest icon

Image Chest

A powerful and sinfully easy to use image organizer.

Image Snooper icon

Image Snooper

Search a folder for matching images matching a given image or color.

Morsing Around icon

Morsing Around

Morse Code keyboard, reference, converter, and practice.

YooniKey icon


When you need to find just the right Unicode® character, this is the best way to do it smoothly and quickly.